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7th Annual Historic Preservation Symposium

March 7, 2013   |  

UK/CoD's Historic Preservation Graduate Organization hosted their 7th Annual symposium at Lexington's Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning. This year's topic, "Preservation = Jobs", addressed how the rehabilitation of historic neighborhoods and buildings bolsters local economies and generates employment.

The invited speakers included:

  • Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Colby Broadwater, President, American College of Building Arts
  • Terrian C. Barnes, National Trust Community Investment Corporation
  • David Feldman, Right-Sized Homes
  • Todd Barman, Main Street Center

Each of the four speakers cited specific examples of historic preservation directly generated jobs within a community. Referencing Charleston, SC, Gen. Broadwater noted how "people come to [Charleston] to see and experience remarkable historic built environments." Charleston has 4.5 million visitors annually, providing the city's 34,000 residents with jobs.

Terrian Barnes addressed the federal historic tax credit and their effect on local economies.

"The NTCIC provides flexible funding to restore and readapt old buildings, generating construction jobs, retail and restaurant jobs, provides operating spaces for non-profits, and generates state and local taxes." Over the life of the Historic Tax Credit program, 2.35 million jobs have been created.

Both David Feldman and Todd Barman addressed how the rehabilitation of historic buildings drives investment to lower-income neighborhoods. A recurring point made throughout the event was how rehabilitated buildings are "green", as they reduce landfill waste and save energy.

Each speaker responded to questions and discussion topics from a panel of preservationists, architects, and entrepreneurs.

Click here to view the lectures and discussion panels.