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Architecture Studio Feature: Disruptive Continuity

November 7, 2013   |  

This architecture studio sets out to explore the nature of the contemporary library within rapidly transforming technological, cultural, social, political and environmental contexts. How can a contemporary library support the evolving nature of services, public access, public space, and shared cultural values within a static architectural construction? Can the architectural design process harness the digital tools to find value added solutions? 
The initial exercise attempts to isolate issues related to digital process and rapid prototyping technologies. This isolation allows the students to focus their efforts on development of digital design skills, tools, workflow, and to explore an adaptive design process free from the constraints of a typical project. The goal is to develop a workflow to test and adapt to changing conditions of complex architectural projects that would best simulate a real world practice. Ultimately this process empowers students to explore the limits of a problem and creatively test ideas. This process also prepares them for future practice by confronting complicated problems, exploring new solutions while keeping the design open for new discoveries.
Each student was responsible for producing three distinct systems that are autonomous in form and organization, then testing combinations across scales. They learned how one might use form operatively, how to organize systems. The final project was presented in a 3D-printed model, presentation boards and a three ring binder where they catalogued their iterations to show design evolutions, failures and discoveries along the way.
Martin Summers, Assistant Professor of Architecture
Student Participants
Fourth Year:
Harrison Broadhurst
Kelly Fink
Sarah Gray
Bryant Hawkins
Holly Hornbeak
Mehrnaz Kasai
Haley Koesters
Katie Ryan
Donnie Shepperson
Rachel Smith
Cody Thamann
Tyler Winch
Graduate, 1st Year:
Hans Koesters
Benjamin Ward