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Design Research - Four Examples from Scandinavia

October 11, 2012   |  

On Saturday, September 22, UK/CoD welcomed guests from Norway, Finland, and Sweden to a symposium to discuss the recent shift in design that is catalyzed by research, and how that shift enriches the creative process.

The day-long event included presentations from Mari Lending of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Katja Grillner from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Ville Kokkonen, Design Director of Artek in Helsinki, and Jonas Runberger of White Architects in Stockholm.

The guest speakers, along with School of Architecture Director David Biagi and Interior Design instructor Lindsey Guinther, presented examples of design research, and engaged in discussion about the implications of pursuing design as research in both private and public contexts.  Professor Biagi presented UK's ongoing HBEER project, while Profesor Guinther discussed the research methods employed in designing the emergency room at UK's Chandler Hospital.

Photo: Ulstein Bridge Vision is the product of design research at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (click here to learn more about the project).

Ulstein Bridge project website

Click here to watch the videos.