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Fall 2012 Final Reviews

December 13, 2012   |  

UK/CoD faculty and students wrapped up the Fall 2012 semester with final reviews of their studio projects.

Architecture and Interior Design students participated in final review sessions over the course of the week, and garnered feedback from their instructors, classmates, other faculty members, and invited industry professionals. 
These projects included:
  • Kyle Miller's second year undergraduate design studio, which focused on developing formal-spatial relationships through investigating form making techniques and massing strategies. Each student worked independently to design a 10,000 sq.ft. commercial flagship store for the city of Chicago that combined retail, educational, and administrative spaces.
  • Martin Summers's Studio, "GRAY Area: Between City and UNIVERcity" that emphasized master planning projects for downtown Lexington and UK's campus. This studio took advantage of the RFQ's released by the DDA for the Town Branch Project, the Cinema/Entertainment/Restaurant Project on the transportation center site, and an area of housing that could provide a possible direct linkage between these future public amenities and the campus.
  • Jason Scroggin's studio focused on the design of a 50,000 square foot Intermodal Transportation Hub on the West Side of Manhattan on the edge of the Hudson River at the end of 42nd street. The students considered the transportation hub as a spatial interface between movement (circulation of pedestrian and modes of transport) and the public realm and develop the project through the use of flexible geometric strategies.  In addition to this scenario, the studio analyzed the material and organizational systems that collect and produce renewable energy and seek opportunities to incorporate these systems into the fabric and experience of the building.
  • Helen Turner's fourth year interior design studio asked students to determine an individual project type, scope, and location, as well as user profiles and branding through research, programming, and writing exercises.

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