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Freek Persyn, founder of 51N4E, led a workshop at the Louisville Water Company

October 4, 2011   |   School, Students

Freek Persyn, founder of 51N4E, led a workshop with College of Design students at the Louisville Water Company. The students worked with the Water Company to develop ideas and proposals  for a Water Education Center and Museum on the historic water tower property on Zorn Avenue. The company hopes to share its unique history and provide information about the relation of water to energy, technology and health.

During the workshop, students worked with University of Louisville MBA students to develop a feasibility study to ensure the financial success of the Water Education Center and Museum, toured the Water Company’s facilities and attended several presentations about the history and technology of water in Louisville.

The students are currently working with Freek Persyn to develop a series of programs for the Louisville Water Company that will leverage their tremendous assets and ideas to have the greatest impact on Louisville.

Second year graduate student, Michael Mead, described his vision for the Water Education Center and Museum: “I think that we need to help the Louisville Water Company see the potential of what they are proposing. To help them realize that this could be more than a center for education, but a center of innovation.”

The student’s ideas and proposals will be developed through a Spring ’12 studio taught by Elodie Nourigat, founder of N+B Architects, Montpellier, France.