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Graduate students kick off school year with weekend workshop

September 13, 2012   |  

New graduate students in the College of Design's School of Architecture recently completed an opening weekend workshop to orient themselves with the capabilities of the digital fabrication tools. The students gathered on August 24-26 in the basement of Pence Hall.

During the weekend, Rives Rash, a member of the UK/CoD faculty and the coordinator of the Digital Fabrication Lab, led students through a series of exercises, culminating in the creation of a hood ornament that was produced in a 3D printer.

Throughout the weekend, students were tasked with learning the software programs (Rhino, Adobe Creative Suite) and machine function (laser cutting, CNC milling and 3D printing).

At the top of this article there are images of the finished products as produced by the graduate students in their final state as well as the renderings used in the planning stages. Many of the pieces featured moving parts that would move in a car's head wind.

Second year graduate student Brian Richter also aided in leading his fellow classmates through the weekend workshop.