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ID students complete summer studio in Brazil

June 15, 2012   |  

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University of Kentucky College of Design
School of Interior Design

This May students from the School of Interior Design traveled to Brazil as part of the College's summer travel studio. Students flew in to Sao Paolo, Brazil, where the group of ten worked at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, an organic coffee farm, in the small town of Igarai. The coffee plantation, which is in the process of becoming a model of sustainable agriculture for the country, hosted the students over a three week period.

Students travelled the countryside visiting different farms and compared the methods each farm worked to obtain sustainability, from their electricity sources to the design of their dwellings. Students also spent the bulk of their time working on projects for the farm, painting murals on the walls, building furniture, working on lighting. Students were able to complete the projects before departing and significantly enhance the living conditions and space through the creation of a communal workspace in an old plantation home. 

Once their projects were complete, the group spent a week in Sao Paolo, visiting architectural sites, favelas, graffiti walls and open markets. The group particularly enjoyed their tour of the converted drum factory SESC Pompeia, which now serves as a cultural center for the sprawling city. Inside students were able to explore the unique architecture and spaces created in the community center.

Students also collaborated with local kids and teens in a local village and in Sao Paolo, teaching the kids to play cornhole and other Kentucky traditions. 

Instructor Rebekah Ison comments, "This was an amazing experience for UK ID students as they were able to experience design in a completely different culture. Brazil has an immense amount of potential, both economically and culturally, to become an important global leader in design."

Scroll through the pictures above to see images taken by the students during their travels.