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Masquerade Exhibition: Speculative, Spectacular!

October 9, 2013   |  

Speculative, Spectacular!  displays 15 unique masks along with a collection of study models, analytical drawings, conceptual images and animations that act as a preliminary exercise for Akari Takebayashi's third year architecture design studio.  The studio investigates an architecture that questions the conventional notion of building envelope and aims to reestablish a new relationship between inside and outside.  The goal is to deliver a project, a center for music and dance, that poses a unique and rich experience within a compelling urban context. 
The core of the studio lies on the relationships between things; object to object, object to nature, and nature to nature (a human is an ultimate object!). It's not only the geometry and materials that we examine, but also mysterious relationships between design objects and our senses or an attitude.  Designing a mask allows us to redefine the notion of a self within a context and context within a self.  What if a building transforms place into a state of mind?
Could a building imply a mood? Could a building advocate a means to conceal or reveal the interior to the street? Not only the design decisions made by its functionality and practicality, we are also fascinated to experiment and discover the connotative nature of masks to raise variable questions of architecture. The mask project defines an attitude towards architecture. 
Each student has carefully thought through the techniques of representation to capture the essential atmosphere and experiences that are generated by the project.  Each mask was developed based on critical observation of urban public scenes.  The studio mission is to pursue new entities that pose wonderful sensations in preparation for our future design project.
Student Participants:
Tyler Abell      
Alexander Arrowood      
Sarah Daley     
Forrest Duffy 
Owen Duross    
Rutti Eberhard  
Thomas Fruchtenicht    
Amanda Harley   
Addison Mullins       
Tanner Smith     
Julie Sniadowski    
Scott Sterchi   
Karen Tate     
Sara Weber