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High School Students Participate in SCDP

July 30, 2012   |  

For the second year, UK/CoD Assistant Professor Martin Summers and Instructor Regina Summers led the intensive, two-week Summer Career Discovery Program for high school juniors and seniors.  The program served to expose prospective College of Design students to the type of learning environment they would experience as design students.

"They live on campus, eat on campus, go to classes, work in studios, and attend lectures," said Martin Summers.  "In many ways, it's an introduction to life as a student in design school."

The participants took part in daily writing and drawing sessions, model-making workshops, field trips to relevant sites, project critiques, and attended lectures by other College faculty.  Lecture topics ranged from studies in contemporary architecture and interior design to digital design and fabrication.  Additionally, they learned how to prepare and present a portfolio of work.  They presented their projects in group critiques where they recieved feedback from the instructors, fellow participants, and other faculty members and guests.  "The format is exactly the same as what a first-year student would experience", said Martin Summers.

There were also opportunities to visit local design firms including Gray Construction, Omni Architects, Tate/Hill/Jacobs Architects, Alt32 Architecture, and EOP Architects.  These firms all have ties to the College, participate in reviews, and many of them employ UK/CoD graduates.

The highlight for many of the student participants was seeing the correlation between the concepts taught in lectures and workshops and the real-world execution of those concepts.  "It's always nice to see the fascination in things they've never seen before," said Regina Summers.  "One of the most excting things was to not only see the friendships formed between the participants, but to see them gain confidence and comfort n the concepts they're learning."

Special thanks to guest instructors, lecturers, critics and tour guides:
Michael Speaks
Randall Vaughn
Don Witt
David Biagi
Clyde Carpenter
Mark O’Bryan
Greg Luhan
Ann Dickson
Lindsay Guinther
Helen Turner
Kyle Miller
Brock Hinze
Sarah Heller
Magnus Lindqvist
Jeremy Stock
Joshua Gilpin
Richard Polk
Mike Sparkman
Dan Ware
Azhar Swanson
Audra Cryder
Tony Jackson
Marla Spires
Ginny Miller
Kimberly Light
Elizabeth Hill
Taylor Wood
Katie Halsey
Ari Sogin
Tau Sigma Delta
Thanks also go to the local offices who shared their time, skills and offices for tours:
Alt 32
EOP Architects
Gray Construction
Omni Architects
Tate/Hill/Jacobs Architects