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School of Interiors Advisory board meets with students and faculty

October 21, 2013   |  

Faculty and students of the School of Interiors hosted the first advisory board meeting of the 2013-2014 academic year in September. Alumni Eileen Jones, Luann Holmes, and Chris Estes met with students, faculty, and staff to discuss the future of the interior design profession, as well as the educational and professional opportunities for students in the School of Interiors.
As a central purpose of the meeting, teams of advisors, faculty, staff, and students articulated their visions for the future of interior design.  Focusing on design in 2022, they recognized interiors as a multi-disciplined field, one with ever more complex advancements in technology and expansion of specializations.  They forecast a greater diversity of age in the workforce as well as the quest by millennials for social engagement, sustainable design, a healthy workplace, and increased mobility. They saw graduates of the School of Interiors needing the abilities to analyze and synthesize a wide range of data given the fact that no one can know everything.
For the School of Interiors, those gathered saw the compelling need for an organic approach to mentoring for students and continuing education for professionals that would remove boundaries between students and working alumni. Thought of as a gentle immersion approach for students, the advisors indicated that the emphasis on mentoring would yield a sharing of research and outreach, as well as collaboration within and outside the academy.  
The advisory board meets twice yearly with students and UK/CoD faculty to stay abreast of the School’s direction and advise faculty on issues in the profession. They will gather again in the spring semester to take up the subject of collaboration through gentle immersion.