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Students in the Delft Studio developed entries for the International Concrete Design Competition

December 23, 2011   |   School, Students

Students in the Fall '11 Deflt Travel Studio developed competition entries for the 5th International Concrete Design Competition for Students, a bi-annual competition that promotes innovative uses for concrete. Two students from the competition will be selected and invited, along with laureates from five European partners, to participate in a workshop in Rotterdam in late August 2012.

During the studio students explored the properties of ultra high performance concretes (UHPC) and developed several innovative applications for its use, including: UHPC roads and bike paths, solar concentration façade systems, a water purification pavilion, shelving systems for the display of merchandise, concrete light fixtures, and concrete fabric for use in clothing design.

The International Concrete Design Competition for Students is a biennial ideas and design competition for students in architecture, engineering, design and affiliated disciplines. It is organized and funded by a consortium of European cement and concrete associations. The aim of the competition is to promote innovative use of concrete as a material and technology. Students are invited to push a material’s potential to 'realize' ideas. The choice of a design topic or program is open and can range from building details to large structures, landscape projects or building complexes.

Siebe Bakker, architect, founder and director of bureaubakker, a firm that facilitates cross-disciplinary exchanges between various industries and educational institutions, taught the fall travel studio. Gregor Zimmerman, CEO of Gtecz, Kassel, Germany; and Ad van der Kouwe of Manifesta, Rotterdam provided additional instruction in materials, software and graphic design.