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Architecture students return from summer in Berlin

August 30, 2012   |  

This summer, students from the School of Architecture participated in an eight-week design research studio based in Berlin, Germany.

Led by UK professors Jason Scroggin and Akari Takebayashi, the students engaged in several projects tailored to address design issues in Berlin.  In addition to studio projects and office tours of local architecture firms in Berlin, students went on guided architectural tours of noted buildings such as the Berlin Philharmonic, the state library, the Dutch Embassy, and the BMW plant in Leipzig.

The studio continued outside the city with trips to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Helskinki.  The students had an extended weekend to travel on their own, visiting Paris, Prague, London, Rome, and other cities.

"I brought back a newfound knowledge of more than just architecture", said graduate teaching assistant Matt Gannon.  "I felt that the trip truly inspired me to truly know that there is a whole world out there to discover, and you are the only person holding yourself back.  I also loved the experience of interacting with the undergraduate students and being able to offer insight into graduate school to them."

"The biggest challenge I faced abroad was coming back home," said senior Morgan Brown.  I enjoyed the culture of Berlin so much that was actually hard to board the plane to come back to America."

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