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Summer Career Discovery Program

August 13, 2013   |  

Eighteen talented participants took part inthe UK/CoD Summer Career Discovery Program. They engaged in a variety of activities that emulated what it might be like to study architecture and interiors at the College of Design. The participants were juniors and seniors in high school, and freshmen already accepted and enrolled at UK.  The program is directed and taught by Assistant Professor of Architecture Martin Summers and Instructor of Architecture Regina Summers.
SCDP is constructed around an intensive design studio experience, the core of a degree in architecture or interiors, which allowed students to explore and evolve design ideas centered on abstract problem solving exercises. The creative and nurturing environment of the studio allowed students to freely explore their ideas within a given exercises framework, and exposed the participants to other possible solutions and insights through interactive reviews and discussions with fellow participants. Ultimately the students presented their work to invited guest reviewers and their peers. Communication skills were emphasized at multiple points over the two week program reinforcing that good designers must be able to effectively communicate ideas through multiple media types, physical models, drawings, written communication and verbal presentations.
The studio experience was supplemented with lectures and workshops on model making, drawing, contemporary design and how design thinking can be seen in the world around us. Several field trips allowed participants to experience first hand how the design process is ultimately materialized in built form. Tours of modern houses in the region and several local design offices gave concrete examples of the career options in architecture and interiors. Over the two weeks, there were several discussions that emerged naturally from the workshops where other professional avenues were discussed, and how a design education prepares one with a diversity of skill sets and flexible ways of thinking that are applicable across multiple fields.
Summer Career Discovery Program 2013 Participants
Anna Bond
Beata Barati
Arden Barnes
Sommer Cade
Zoe Codd
Loren Ewing
Madeleine Ferrer
Victoria Fredrick
Wesley Gresham
Emily Hozza
Cara Kruse
Eric Lowe
Steve Ngandu
Tariq Onodu
McKenzie Plummer
Hayley Price
Murphy Rodes
Ayesha Tanweer
Guest workshop leaders and critics:

Mark O’Bryan
Rebekah Ison
Helen Turner
Magnus Lindqvist
Clyde Carpenter
Mark Richards
Jeremy Stock
Matt Gannon
Local offices which hosted tours and information sessions:

Gray Construction
EOP Architects

Homeowners and property stewards of the homes toured by the participants:
Tom Caywood
Clyde Carpenter
Avi Eres
Ronit Eres
Greg Luhan
A special thanks to Katie Halsey (RA/TA) and Ari Sogin (RA/TA).