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Summer Travel Studio - Delft

August 14, 2014   |  

Five students from the UK College of Design teamed up with public administration students from Leiden University in the Netherlands to examine the relationship between cities and universities.
The students were challenged to develop design interventions that address the social, economic, and spatial integrations of academic and non-academic cultures.
Using the city of Delft and the Delft University of Technology as a case study, students spent eight weeks participating in workshops, attending lectures, and conducting site visits designed to address the issue of municipality and academic integration.
“I knew nothing about scenario planning before signing up for the studio,” said architecture student Sarah Wagner. “Scenario planning goes beyond the typical design studio structure (which looks comparatively at projects in a valued scale) by actually using inherent individual strengths and weaknesses to create an incredibly convincing whole. The studio was a glimpse of all of the possibilities that can come from real and genuine collaborations, something I hope I can carry into even the more individual studios that take place during the year.”
“Studying abroad in Delft was a great experience, because of the practice of collaborating with other people,” said architecture student Lauren Townsend. “The studio was run more like a work environment, which allowed us more exposure, then we get in school, with working with other disciplines in our field. The biggest impact, however, from studying abroad, was being able to see sites that we learned about in school. It was incredible to stand in structures I had only seen pictures. Nothing can compare to seeing the real thing in person.”