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The Lexington community attended the 6th Annual HP Symposium, “New Voices, Current Needs”

March 9, 2012   |   School

Students, historic preservation professionals, and the Lexington community attended the sixth annual historic preservation symposium, "New Voices, Current Needs," on March 1 and 2, at the Lexington History Museum. The symposium explored how historic preservation can address the needs of underserved communities, and help correct modern and historical injustices.

Tom Eblen, reporter for the Lexington Herald-Leader, described the event: "The discussion was fascinating, because it went well beyond professional and academic concerns. It dealt with broad social and psychological questions that have made headlines throughout Kentucky for decades. How do we balance culture and business, economy and quality of life, property rights and heritage? What is worth preserving? Whose culture gets preserved and whose doesn't?” Read the rest of his column here.

Douglas Appler, the Helen Edwards Abell Endowed Chair in Historic Preservation, describes how the symposium addressed the needs of underserved communities, "If the history of a particular group is wiped from the landscape, its past can't be explored or recognized to the same degree as that of another group whose history is left in place and remains standing. Historic Preservation once focused very narrowly on the stories of wealthy individuals, on grand architecture, and on presenting an uncritical view of history. Fortunately, preservationists today are doing a better job of using the built environment to present a more complete account of the past."

"New Voices, Current Needs" featured four speakers including Ned Kaufman, educator and founder of Place Matters; educator Alicestyne Turley; archaeological policy scholar; Thomas F. King, an expert on archaeological policy and cultural resource management law; and Stanley Lowe, president of the Pittsburgh Neighborhood Preservation Services. Videos of the lectures are available online.

The symposium was organized by the Historic Preservation Graduate Organization, and was sponsored by:

University of Kentucky College of Design
Edie Bingham
Bluegrass Trust for Historic Preservation
Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc.
Morgan Worldwide Consultants
University of Kentucky Student Activities Board
Clyde Carpenter
Dan Rowland
Joyce and William Skinner
Robert Magrish
Ann Early Sutherland
Kennedy’s Bookstore