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UK/CoD students explore Thailand

January 23, 2014   |  

Students from the College of Design spent the winter intercession exploring the diverse landscapes of Thailand.
Utilizing the practice of cross-cultural observation, students were tasked with examining the social, cultural, historical, and political contexts of Thailand and neighboring Cambodia.
Starting in Bangkok, students explored the stark contrasts of the vibrant city, with visits to design offices including Gensler, Bangkok and the traditional design of temples, gardens, and markets. The group then moved north to Chiang Mai, where they rang in the New Year with traditional Thai festivities. Other sojourns included Phang Nga Bay, Chiang Rai, and Angkor Wat, the famed palace and temple complex in Cambodia.
“The trip to Thailand and Cambodia was an amazing opportunity, and opened my eyes to a diverse culture,” said Lucas Brown. “The trip allowed me to grow as a person and view life from a different perspective.”
Students also had the opportunity to visit the silk farms of the Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company, where they learned about textile design and production. Students were treated to an extensive private tour of the Jim Thompson House and Museum, followed by a dinner hosted by the company.
As part of the course’s requirement, students were provided a “research driver” and employed a variety of methods for observing, documenting, and evaluating their surroundings. Course professor Lindsey Guinther led observations, implementing exercises including camera journaling, behavioral mapping, activity analyses, and cross-cultural comparisons, among others.
Students will present the course deliverables in the form of a video exhibition on January 27 at 4pm in the Peace Gallery.