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UK/CoD architecture students tour CAER

February 19, 2014   |  

Second year students in the School of Architecture had the opportunity to visit UK’s Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER).
Under the instruction of Assistant Professor of Architecture Martin Summers, students learned about material sciences, and the relationship of material research to larger problems and potential solutions.  The trip was part of ARC 231: Material & Structural Concepts that introduces technological concepts of building and its constituent material systems via spatial and formal design strategies.
Of the many research labs at CAER, students had the opportunity to visit the Carbon Spinlab, which contains the world’s largest carbon fiber spin line in an academic setting. Students also toured the Renewable Fuels Lab, a facility dedicated to developing improved processes for biomass use, and the Algae Greenhouse, which serves as a proving ground for photobioreactors. UK/CoD has previously collaborated with CAER’s algae researchers to develop concepts for an algae research facility. 
Learn more about CAER here.