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UK/CoD Ultra High Performance Concrete Workshop

September 21, 2011   |   School, Students

The College of Design held an Ultra High Performance Concrete Workshop during the week of September 12 – 17 in Pence Hall. Siebe Bakker founder of bureaubakker, a firm that facilitates cross-disciplinary exchanges between various industries and educational institutions, and Gregor Zimmerman, CEO of G.tecz, a research and design firm that specializes in high performance concrete, taught the weeklong workshop.

The workshop began with a tour of a local concrete precast company, Gate Industries in Winchester, KY, to explore how concrete is used on an industrial scale. The students then developed several prototypes to explore and test ultra high performance concretes. These prototypes were fabricated throughout the rest of the week using the digital fabrication laboratory and mold making technologies. The student work was exhibited and reviewed on the final day of the workshop.

Students participating in this workshop are enrolled in the Fall Rotterdam Travel Studio. The studio is organized around the 5th International Concrete Design Competition for Students, a bi-annual ideas and design competition for students in architecture, engineering, design and affiliated disciplines. It is organized and funded by a consortium of European cement and concrete associations. The aim of the competition is to promote innovative use of concrete as a material and technology. This year’s competition theme is “Energy” and will focus on concrete and its potential for design applications that reduce energy consumption.

Students in the travel studio will produce a competition entry for their final project. Two winners from the studio will be selected and invited, along with laureates from five European partners, to participate in a workshop in Rotterdam in late August 2012.