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Funding Priorities

Funding Priorities

Student Support
With the rise of tuition dollars comes the ever-increasing need to supplement a student’s scholarship package. The chief decision making criteria amongst most graduate students is the amount of tuition support they can get to help offset costs of their education. When looking at our current student base, only 7 out of 32 graduate students are awarded a scholarship each year. With the average award being around $5,000 it falls woefully short of the amount necessary to attract and retain our brightest students.

Studio Support
When looking to manage an exciting and innovative studio space, dollars are needed to purchase materials, pay for the production of prototypes, and generate an applicable final project. By sponsoring a studio, a design firm can enrich the learning of the students by providing funds that will enable site visits, field trips, and interactive learning opportunities. In the limited number of sponsored studios the CoD has conducted, the results have been tremendous, impacting not only the students and school, but also the entire Commonwealth.

A prime example of the most successful sponsored studio to date is the Houseboat to Energy Efficient Residences, or HBEER, project. Through a series of private and state funding grants, the end product of this studio has created a prototype that could enable industries in Eastern Kentucky to overcome the changing economy. This is an example of what a well-funded studio can accomplish, both for our student’s education and the Commonwealth.

Endowment of Professorships
Professors, in many ways, have the most impact in the quality of design students produced at the CoD. Being able to attract and retain energetic, passionate faculty will play a large role in the production of quality students. Endowing a professorship helps offset the college’s salary cost, leaving more funds to support studios and creative initiatives. It also conveys a sense of commitment that many top faculty notice when looking at prospective employers.

Event Sponsorship
Partnership marketing offers a creative avenue for companies and friends to benefit from exposure to the design professionals in and around the College of Design. Events present an opportunity for companies to create a win/win scenario by gaining exposure to both current and future designers.

Space Needs
The College of Design, currently housed in five buildings, has three space-intensive programs that need a large amount of square footage per student. Currently, there simply is not enough space to provide students with the square footage that they need to adequately complete their studio projects. Many students spend much their day shuffling between different buildings on campus. Building a Center for Design Innovation behind the current Pence Hall and some targeted renovations can go a long way to creating a new and improved design hub for the University.

There are several ways to make a gift to the College of Design:

  • Make a credit card gift online through the University’s secure server.
  • For Donor/Development information call 859-257-5367.
  • Send your gift by mail. Write a check, payable to the University of Kentucky, and mail it to:

                  University of Kentucky College of Design
                  Director of Development
                  117 Pence Hall
                  Lexington, KY 40506-0041 

  • There also are many other ways to contribute through our Estate and Gift Planning programs.

Your may designate your contribution to any program or scholarship fund within the College of Design. Unrestricted gifts are also very important because they can be used where the need is greatest. In the past, these funds have been used to provide students travel support, pay faculty stipends, buy new equipment, supplement scholarships, and provide overall program support.