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Graduate - Architecture

Graduate - Architecture

Architecture is increasingly understood as a vital tool in addressing the biggest challenges facing our world today.  The Graduate Program in Architecture comprises studios and workshops that address these contemporary problems. Whether your concern is energy, environment, housing, emerging technologies, emerging models of practice or design strategy and thinking, while at the University of Kentucky College of Design (UK/CoD) you will be playing a part in proposing, designing and developing the most creative and advanced innovations.

Our faculty members have diverse backgrounds, accomplishments and interests. This breadth and depth ensures that you'll be exposed to multiple modes and pathways of rigorous design, invention and problem solving. In addition, world-class designers and architects such as Julien de Smedt of JDS Architects, Gary Bates of Space Group Architects, and Matthijs Bouw of One Architecture share their most challenging questions as well as their insight and experience with you as visiting professors.

As a UK/CoD graduate student, you will work closely with faculty to create knowledge and techniques that will have a meaningful impact in Kentucky and the world. You will also be working along side peers who are inquisitive, engaged and critical.  They are searching for new models of practice, with hopes of radically evolving their profession in the years to come.

Our aim over the course of your graduate career is to prepare you to lead the profession of architecture into the future. Upon completion of your graduate degree, it is our hope that you will feel empowered to act as an entrepreneur, to redefine the business of architecture with confidence in your refined and unique position.

We understand that you have choices in where to do your graduate work. The world is rapidly changing, and the profession is constantly moving.  At the UK/CoD, you'll be IN the conversation, working it out for yourself along side faculty and peers who are passionately searching for what is next. We also understand the cost of a graduate education relative to compensation in the profession; at UK we're working to ensure that your degree affords maximum opportunity and choice, with minimum educational debt.

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