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Graduate - Interiors

Graduate - Interiors

The graduate program in the School of Interiors provides students with a Masters of Arts degree and post-professional research experiences that lead to expertise in an area of specialization drawn from interdisciplinary knowledge. Filtered through the lens of interior design, this expertise will cultivate and expand the body of knowledge as interior design as demanded by the profession into new domains of practice. Areas of specialization include:

  • Evidence-Based Design
  • Workplace Design
  • Experience Design
  • Community Activism
  • Design for Aging
  • History & Theory
  • Environmentally Responsible Design

Leaders in the profession have noted the importance of cultivating both practice-based and theory-based research to advancing the interior design profession. Fully integrated research into practice will require a paradigm shift, but is viewed as the future of the profession. Cultivating a graduate research specialization will prepare practitioners for vital roles as the profession advances. Additionally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, employment of interior designers is expected to increase by 19% between the years 2010-2020. As the market grows, so too will job competition and a Masters of Arts degree in Interior Design from the University of Kentucky can support a designer's ability to understand and conduct research, analyze, think critically, and apply evidence-based design work through the design process.

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