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Historic Preservation FAQs

Historic Preservation FAQs

How many credits are required for the Masters in Historic Preservation degree?
48 credit hours

As a transfer student, how will I know which classes will transfer to the College of Design?
Students must submit official transcripts. Upon receipt the College of Design Admissions office will contact you.

How many students are enrolled in the Historic Preservation program?
There are 15 graduate students in the Historic Preservation program.

How much does the program cost?
Information about tuition can be found in the University of Kentucky Registrar's website.

Once an offer is made, can you defer for a year?
Yes, the admissions committee reviews each case individually.

Do you offer spring admittance?
It is possible; please contact the Student Services office for more information.

Is there a minimum required GRE or TOEFL score?
There are minimum requirements set by the university.  You can find this information in the University of Kentucky Undergraduate Admissions website, graduate students can refer to the University of Kentucky Graduate School website.

If I have applied to the program before and want to apply again, do I need to submit a new application?
Yes, all applicants are required to resubmit.

What are the Kentucky residency requirements?
Information about the University of Kentucky's residency policy can be found here:

Why do I hear from both the Historic Preservation Program and the Graduate School?
You must meet all of the requirements and be admitted into the University of Kentucky Graduate School before the School of Historic Preservation can process your application.

Can I get advanced standing in your program?
Yes, the Admissions committee reviews each case.

Do I have to apply for Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships?
No, all graduate students are considered for these opportunities.

If I do not get a GTA my first year, can I get one my second year?
Yes, it is possible.