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The School of Interiors: Planning/Strategy/Design is the premier interior design program in the state of Kentucky. Graduates of the program practice across the United States and have been recognized at the highest level of the profession. The professional degree program is fully accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).

The School of Interiors offers both the four-year undergraduate professional degree and the post-professional graduate degree. The foundation of the school is the studio experience, which is taken each semester and provides the framework for the integration of all program knowledge and technical skills in the design of interior environments. Through studio, classroom, and real-world assignments, interior desgin students learn to solve complex organizational problems associated with work, place, experience, and performance. These professional skills prepare students to manage the aesthetic, technical and business aspects of interior design projects.

Students are also provided the opportunity to interact with regional, national, and international design professionals through shadowing, study abroad experiences, lectures by noted speakers, and field experiences.

Graduates from the School of Interiors begin their careers in a variety of settings, including interior design firms, architecture firms, corporations, and public institutions. Students graduating with an undergradute degree may also pursue graduate or post-professionalism education in specialized areas of Interior Strategies.

You can learn about careers here. According the Bureau of Labor statistics (, employment of interior designers is expected to increase by 19% between the years 2012-2020.

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