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Undergraduate - Architecture

Undergraduate - Architecture

The undergraduate architecture program consists of an intensive regimen of architecture studios and courses in the history and theory of architecture, building technology, digital technology, and professional practice.

The architecture studio is the social and curricular foundation of the program.  In the studio, students learn to develop highly abstract ideas into concrete forms, and find architectural solutions to problems arising from detailed building programs and defined sites. Representational skills such as drawing, model making and computer modeling are practiced rigorously as essential skills for design. A secure personal studio workplace is available at all times for all students.

Students learn the historical and cultural foundation of architecture through the study of history, theory and criticism.  Students are encouraged to pursue research in areas relative to their individual design interests.

A study of building materials begins in first-year studio and evolves into a technical analysis of structural planning and design, materials and methods of construction, and building systems. Environmental controls for buildings are also investigated to provide an understanding of the complex visual, acoustical and thermal aspects of designed space. Professional and legal aspects of architecture practice are addressed in a series of electives and seminars, including issues relating to professional registration, ethics and social responsibility.

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