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Assistant Professor Nick Puckett is exhibiting his “Project Blackbox” at the Kasian Gallery

March 5, 2012   |   Faculty

Project Blackbox

Assistant Professor Nick Puckett is exhibiting his "Project Blackbox" at the Kasian Gallery, University of Calgary. The project has also been featured on suckerPUNCH.

Puckett describes his project: "Project BlackBox is addressing the issue of responsiveness at the building scale by creating smart surfaces that actuate without the use of electricity. The systems and behaviors are designed at a chemical level as smart materials that actuate in response to a specific temperature. To achieve this, fundamental shifts were made in the relationship between material scientists and designers, creating an environment of design and prototyping within an engineering laboratory."

Kasian Gallery
Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary

Nick Puckett / AltN Research + Design
Development Team: Anton Bakerjian, Ian McHone
Partner: BioActive Devices Laboratory at the University of Kentucky
Images: Michael Haas