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Historic Preservation student, Melissa Mortimer, needs your votes in a dwell magazine competition

February 8, 2012   |   Students

Ward Hall

UK/CoD Historic Preservation student, Melissa Mortimer, has entered a dwell magazine competition that will provide a $10,000 grant towards her project, Ward Hall Greek Revival Mansion. You can vote for her project daily until February 20th here.

From Mortimer's project description: "Outside of Lexington, Kentucky, in the quaint town of Georgetown, stands Ward Hall on 40 acres of land. Surrounded by the classic Kentucky landscape. Ward Hall is thought to have been built and designed as a summer home for the Ward Family by Thomas Lewinski and today it is recognized as the best example of Greek Revival Architecture in the state of Kentucky. Since its completion in 1859, Ward Hall has fallen under disrepair from lack of funding, leaving it far from its former glory. It is now owned by the Ward Hall Preservation Foundation, who strive everyday to save this historic landmark. Listed on the National Register, this stunning house is flanked by colossal Corinthian columns holding up the vast front entry porch. The interior has original paint and plasterwork, which, if restored, will rejuvenate its previous luster. The house is three stories tall and a center passage plan. These floors are connected with a gorgeous elliptical staircase. Not only is Ward Hall significant for exemplifying Greek Revival design elements, but also for its relationship to Southern living in the 1800s. It is imperative for the history of Ward Hall to be saved."