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Kyle Miller to lecture and lead design workshop at Kent State

October 18, 2012   |   School

Assistant Professor of Architecture Kyle Miller will lecture at Kent State University's College of Architecture and Environmental Design this Friday, October 19th. Miller's lecture will feature his most recent design research on contemporary ornamentation, non-cognitive architectural engagement, and applications of interaction technology within architecture.

Following the lecture, Kyle Miller will lead an architectural design workshop. The two-day workshop will focus on developing an active skill set in architectural design that synthesizes vibrant color fields, irregular geometric tessellations, and physical cellular aggregations. With the assistance of Grasshopper, a graphical algorithm editor for Rhinoceros 3D, and relevant digital fabrication resources, this workshop will yield potent visual representations and three-dimensional constructs that test the viability of color, form, pattern, texture, and translucency as a comprehensive tool set for contemporary architectural investigations. The discussions embedded in this workshop will focus on contemporary ornamentation, formal-spatial relationships, composition, performative architectural surfaces, parametric design, architectural alibis, and the overall visual experience of architecture. Most importantly, the students will have an opportunity to work both intuitively and systematically across multiple software platforms and with multiple design mediums to complete this intensive design task.

Click here for more information about the workshops.