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New update from the Summer Travel Program in Amsterdam

June 20, 2011   |   Faculty, School, Students

Assistant Professor, Kyle Miller, sent a new update about the summer travel program in Amsterdam, "Weeks two and three proved to be quite successful. In addition to further developing the studio project, the group completed a design workshop with Jörg Petri and Filippo Lodi of raurouw (see images). The workshop exercise centered around the topic of reflex (literally, human reflex and conceptually, through topological design). The students developed topological design models (or systems) based on their analysis and mapping of human reflex activities. These systems were then activated to design complex, three-dimensional inhabitable spatial constructs. During the workshop, Amsterdam based artist, Leonid Tsvetkov, paid us a visit and lectured about his most recent research and art projects. We made another trip to Rotterdam to see the Erasmus Bridge (UNStudio) and the Kunsthal (OMA). MVRDV was kind enough to have us in to see their space and share with us some of the more recent work being completed in the office. Last Friday, we took a bike trip to see the IJBurg development to the east of Amsterdam's city center. Today we will depart from Amsterdam on another excursion - we will take a short trip to Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweeden to visit the office of JDS and tour a few celebrated recent works of architecture."