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Nick Puckett will give a lecture in the Design Matters Series at the University of Calgary

January 20, 2012   |   Faculty

On February 23rd, Assistant Professor Nick Puckett will lecture as part of the Design Matters Series at the University of Calgary. Puckett will present his recent research on the design and fabrication of smart materials for 0 energy responsive architecture.

Design Matters is a thought provoking lecture series, organized by the Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS), that brings to Calgary a range of important speakers who are exploring design in our contemporary culture. The 2011-12 Design Matters lectures are delivered monthly from September to April, featuring provocative speakers who examine issues in architecture, urban design, product design, and landscape ecology. The series challenges the University community and the public to broaden their thinking on a myriad of issues related to design. Design Matters is also an opportunity to engage with interested citizens, students, public officials, urban planners, designers, architects and many others. Design Matters engages people who want to learn, understand and address design issues affecting our community.