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Professor Wallis Miller visited Oslo as visiting faculty for the project “Place and Displacement”

October 13, 2011   |   Faculty, School

The Norwegian Museum of Architecture, Sverre Fehn pavilion

Professor Wallis Miller has just returned from a week in Oslo as a visiting faculty member for the project "Place and Displacement", a four year project at the Oslo School of Design generously funded by the Norwegian Research Council. Architecture exhibitions are a focal point of the project, which brings together scholars with museum curators and directors to discuss current exhibition practices. On Monday, October 10, Professor Miller and her colleague, Professor Mari Lending from Oslo led a symposium on permanent exhibitions of architecture. Curators from the London, Paris, Rotterdam, and Frankfurt discussed their own museums as well as proposals for the redesign of the permanent exhibition in the Norwegian Architecture Museum with directors from the Norwegian National Museums. Miller also worked with Ph.D. students, reviewing their dissertations in progress as well as presenting her own work. Future projects include an international symposium called "Displacement" in 2012 as well as several publications and conferences on models, canonical exhibitions, and value.