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Professors Anne Filson and Gary Rohrbacher featured in France’s Le Monde

April 7, 2014   |   School

AtFAB, the open source furniture collection created by UK/CoD architecture professors Anne Filson and Gary Rohrbacher, was featured in France's premier newspaper Le Monde.

The article, entitled "Open Source Projects Are Changing the World" addresses the emergence of open source culture. AtFAB exemplifies the accessibility of design and how ideas and designs can be shared globally, but manufactured locally. Open source furniture designs are featured as part of France's Open Week, which celebrates the communally accessible.

Read the rest of the article here.

Additionally, AtFAB was featured on the French blog We Tomorrow. A group of writers and fabricators demonstrated the open source process from downloading to milling to assembly. You can watch the process here.

Click here to learn more about AtFAB.