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Professors Filson and Rorhbacher presented at Innovation Forum

November 20, 2012   |   School

UK/CoD professors Anne Filson and Gary Rohrbacher presented at the Autodesk University 2012 Innovation Forum in Las Vegas.

The presentation, entitled "Everyone's a Designer", proposed a new role for architects and design professionals precipitated by the emergence of personal manufacturing tools and the expansion of open source platforms and DIY culture.
Professors Filson and Rohrbacher are the principals at Filson and Rohrbacher, an architecture, design, and research firm. Their AtFab series of furniture has been featured in The Economist and Cool Hunting, and won Editors Choice at the 2011 Makers Faire.
Read the synopsis of their talk here.
Watch the video of the presentation "Everyone's a Designer" here.
Click here for more information about AtFab.