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Professors Michael McKay and Liz Swanson participate in the 2010 Festival of Lively Architecture

June 17, 2010   |   Faculty, School

Assistant Professor Michael McKay, Associate Professor Liz Swanson and CoD students Ricky Sparks, Joanna Grant, and Jordan Hines were invited to design and execute an installation within the courtyards of Montpellier's seventeenth century mansions. They were one of ten groups of young designers from around the world showcasing their work throughout Montpellier.

The public was invited to celebrate the work a new, lively generation of architects, and the forgotten eras and places of Montpellier from June 17 - 20, 2010. The theme for this year's festival was "Between shadow and light."

Associate Professor Liz Swanson felt that "...the event was an amazing experience because of it's focus on dualities: contemporary architecture within historic courtyards; fleeting, ephemeral installations sited in such a solid, permanent context; the transformation of private space into something extremely public."

The CoD students enjoyed this rare opportunity to meet and work with young, rising architects from Japan, Italy, Spain, and France. The students developed their installation over a two-week period; designing, crafting, transporting and installing the finished work. Their hard work was celebrated in both Montpellier, France and Lexington, KY.