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The Kentucky Alumni Magazine featured three UK/CoD alumni in its Spring ‘12 cover story

March 19, 2012   |   Alumni, Faculty, School

The University of Kentucky Alumni Magazine

The Kentucky Alumni Magazine featured three UK/CoD alumni, Mark Bethel, Tim Skinner, and Martin Summers who were involved in the University of Kentucky College of Design's 'Henderson Project' as its cover story. 

From the cover story, "With the help of the University ofKentucky College of Design and its students, they spearheaded an effort that now includes local government officials, business leaders and citizens in conjuring up a new future for Henderson.Along the way,their work has become a building block in a much larger and grander project, one that could very well redefine Ohio River towns for decades.

It’s called the River Cities Project, a 10-year partnership between the UK College of Design, its graduate students and several cities along the OhioRiver. The objective is ambitious: to look at dated or underutilized facilities along the river front of these cities and using design, conceive of innovative ways to redevelop and reuse them. The hope is that by bringing the sites back to life, they’ll stimulate jobs and opportunities, re-energize stagnant pockets of commerce and produce tax-generating revenues that will ultimately enhance the community overall."

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