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Two UK/CoD students are finalists for a Lexington bus shelter competition

December 19, 2011   |   Students

Two UK/CoD students, Madelyn Ringo and Eric Burnside, are finalists for an Art in Motion contest to design a bus shelter located on Southland Drive in Lexington, KY.

Art in Motion’s mission is to make Lexington a more vibrant, livable city through the fusion of public art, public transit and public spaces. Our local, non-profit organization works to enhance Lexington’s only public transit system—LexTran—through the design and construction of bus shelters that incorporate art murals and sculpture.

"We’re creating opportunities for citizens to connect with their neighborhoods through art while growing public transit in Lexington. Increased public transit ridership means less traffic congestion and fewer climate changing carbon emissions. Those environmental benefits, combined with a richer streetscape shaped by public art, means higher quality of life for our community."