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UK/CoD instructor interviewed on Archinect

September 4, 2012   |   School

Rives Rash, CoD instructor and manager of the college's fabrication shop, was interviewed on Archinect's fabrication blog.  Rash speaks candidly about his background and training, as well as the evolution of digital fabrication and it's application to all aspects of design. 

"You  can't have digital equipment without traditional means of making," Rash explained. "But you can always have traditional means of making without digital equipment; it just may take a little longer."

Rash also addresses the need to take the concept of digital fabrication out of the research environment, and apply it to the academic world so that students have a well-rounded architectural education.

"That's the best thing we can offer. We have a unique approach about how to problem solve something that needs to get produced and cater its construction towards the machines at hand."

Read the rest of the interview here.