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UK/CoD honored two alumni at the 2011 Scholarship and Awards Dinner

March 25, 2011   |   Alumni, School

The University of Kentucky College of Design recently recognized Randall Vaughn and Tim Skinner as Outstanding Alumnus and Friend of the College, respectively, at the 2011 Scholarship and Awards Dinner on March 11, 2011.

The Outstanding Alumnus award was delivered to Randall Vaughn due to his remarkable career as an architect and his steadfast connection to the College of Design. A 1984 graduate, Vaughn has maintained a cooperative partnership with the college, working to integrate more diversity into the college’s student population. Vaughn is a member of the University Fellows Society and serves on the Board of Directors at the Kentucky Arts Council.

A Henderson, KY native, Tim Skinner received the Friend of the College award for his dedication to the College of Design through “The Henderson Project.” Through his efforts, Skinner helped develop a strong group of supporters for the multi-year partnership between Henderson city government and design students. The 1980 graduate is a past President of the UK Alumni Association and member of the University Fellows Society.