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UK/CoD work on display at Lexington Park(ing) Day

September 20, 2013   |   School

Photo by GLINTstudios.
Work from Assistant Professor Jason Scroggin’s Spring 2013 Elective Course will be installed on Short Street near Table Three Ten tomorrow from 4-11pm as part of Lexington Park(ing) Day 2013.
On display will be The Bubble Bunch, distributed on a white AstroTurf, filling the parking space.
The Bubble Bunch is one of three pieces developed as part of the The PLAY LOUNGE.
The PLAY LOUNGE is the result of a graduate elective course entitled Tectonics, Typology, and Distribution taught by UK/CoD Assistant Professor Jason Scroggin (DOTS) in Spring 2013 that investigates participatory design and interactive manufactured objects. The class is treated as a laboratory for exploring these issues through research, discussion, and fabrication. An analysis of simple toys set up the discussion and acts as the motivating driver for a series of material constructs that consider new relationships between digital design and assembly processes to examine how physical form can engage the public realm. The works produced were recently distributed for interaction of the 2013 Beaux Arts Ball held annually in Lexington, KY.
The resulting constructs took the form of:
The Bubble Bunch
An aggregation of rubber ball clusters contained in translucent stretch fabric that can be distributed into a variety of seating configurations.
The Foam Donut
A soft bench in the form of a geometric torus comprised of foam pool noodles.
The Rocker
A conjoined set of six rocking chairs lined with vinyl tubing for seating and a mirror-plated top.
Course Instructor:
Assistant Professor Jason Scroggin
Ryan Bashore                
Adam Eaton                  
Jeffrey Guiducci  
Ye Jin              
Jamie Lam                    
Edward Madden             
Joseph O'Toole              
Brian Richter     
Kevin Setser      
Eric Stephens     
Derek Taylor
Cynthia Trefilek             
Caroline Wahl   
Breana Woodville
These pieces were completed with support from the Beaux Arts Ball 2013 and The University of Kentucky College of Design.
Special thanks to UK/CoD Instructor Carrie Wahl for organizing the installation for Lexington Park(ing) Day.