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UK Design Professor to lead BIM workshop at international conference

April 10, 2013   |   School

Professor Gregory Luhan, the Associate Dean for Research at the University of Kentucky College of Design and an international team of Building Information Modeling (BIM) experts will lead a BIM in Education Workshop at the TU Delft University of Technology, as part of the 2013 eCAADe International Conference on September 17, 2013.

The 2013 eCAADe conference entitled Computation and Performance focuses on the performative role of computation in both planning and design processes. The subtheme of 3D Model Performance concerns the role 3D models play in addressing performance issues in building design, including prototype models, detail or ornament models, analytical architectural models and urban context models.
A teaching with BIM team, organized by Dr. Mark Clayton of Texas A&M will include Dr. Milan Radosavljevic-the School Director of Teaching & Learning at the University of Reading; Arto Kiviniemi of the School of the Built Environment at University of Salford; Dr. Tuba Kocaturk of the University of Liverpool; Dr. Francisco Farías of Texas A&M; and Professor Luhan of the University of Kentucky. As part of their workshop, the BIM in Education Team will include a round table discussion and white paper that articulates strategies on how to effectively bring BIM into architecture and construction education. 
The following short presentations are planned:
  • BIM and Design Education, Arto Kiviniemi
  • Developing BIM-immersed construction curriculum, Milan Radosavljevic
  • BIM and sustainable design, Francisco Farias
  • Architecture theory and BIM, Mark Clayton
  • Design Creativity/Innovation and BIM, Tuba Kocaturk
  • Interdisciplinary BIM Exchanges, Gregory Luhan
BIM is no longer a specialization, but is rapidly becoming the new normal. As such, it is likely to become part of fundamental and basic education in architecture and construction, perhaps changing drafting, drawing, physical model building, and CAD. However, BIM process is intrinsically different from a traditional process -- BIM is not merely a static visual representation, but is more like a collaborative process that brings construction into a virtual environment, enabling build simulations like never before. Arguably, BIM is less abstract than drawing and drafting. Can BIM be used to teach the basic ideas and concepts behind architecture and construction, guiding the beginning student into the complex worlds of materials and methods, proportion and formal orders, interior climate, feasibility, environmental psychology, and other topics of theory?
The outcomes of the special focus session will serve as a research-based departure point for the panelists and subsequently develop into a white paper session at the 2013 Globalizing Architecture | Disruption and Flows Conference in Miami, FL next March (2014).