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College Diversity and Inclusion Officers

Students walkingCollege Diversity and Inclusion Officers will work collaboratively with the Provost, Vice President for Institutional Diversity and the leadership of their college to achieve the vision and strategic objectives of Diversity and Inclusivity within their respective college and the greater University community.  Officers are charged with:

  • leading in the development of initiatives and programs that support equitable opportunities for achievement and professional development of students, faculty, staff, and administrators from underrepresented/underserved populations
  • enhancing diversity and inclusivity as it relates to recruitment, promotion, and retention of historically underrepresented students, faculty, administrators, and staff
  • the implementation of initiatives that ensure rich experiences and opportunities for all students, faculty, and administrators, and staff to engage in meaningful interactions, dialogue, and reflection around diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • assessment of college-wide diversity efforts by tracking data and generating reports
  • responding to inquiries for college diversity and inclusion narratives and on-going data collection


College Diversity Officers F Name L Name Title E-mail Phone
Agrictulture Quentin Tyler Assistant Dean for Administration (staff) 257-3482
Arts & Sciences Rick Schein 257-1375
Business and Economics Nicole Jenkins Executive Associate Dean 218-1649
Communication & Information Sciences Nathan Stevens 257-1809
Dentistry Christine Harper Assistant Dean for Student Affairs (staff) 323-6072
Design Jeffrey Johnson Director of the School of Architecture  
Education Steve Parker Assoc. Professor - Kinesiology (faculty) 257-5443
Engineering Kimberly Anderson Associate Dean for Administration and Academic Affairs (fac) 257-1864
Fine Arts Olivia Yinger Administrative Services Asst. (staff)  
Graduate School Cleo Price Assistant Dean, Graduate Academic Services (staff) 257-2411
Health Sciences Carl Mattacola Professor - HC - Rehabilitation (faculty)  
Institutional Research Toni Smith  
Law Daniel Murphy Assistant Dean (staff) 257-5155
Lewis Honors College          
Libraries Troy Martin Human Resources Manager -  Admin. Staff Office (staff) 218-1058
Medicine Wanda Gonsalves  
Nursing Jennifer Hatcher Associate Professor (faculty) 257-5263
Pharmacy Trenika Mitchell  
Public Health Tomi Akinyemiju  
Social Work Natalie Pope Assistant Professor - Social Work (faculty) 218-2768



College Diversity Officers Alternate Alternate e-mail Alternate Title Alternate Phone
Arts & Sciences        
Business and Economics David Ziebart    
Communication & Information Sciences        
Design     Director of the School of Architecture  
Education Regina Dawson Director of Student Engagement, Equity, and Diversity 257-5848
Engineering Zachary Fuqua    
Fine Arts Belinda Rubio Administrative Services Asst. (staff) 257-1707
Graduate School Roshan Nikou Administrative Services Assistant 257-1457
Health Sciences Rachel Hogg Graham    
Institutional Research        
Law Beau Steenken    
Lewis Honors College        
Libraries Jen Martin    
Nursing Amanda Fallin Nursing Instructor  
Pharmacy Kelly Smith Interim Dean and Professor 257-5290
Public Health Margaret McGladrey Assistant Dean for Research 218-2023
Social Work Justin "Jay" Miller