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Account Authorization for Computing Services            

Department: Information Technology

Last Updated: 09/28/2015

Contact: 218-4357 218help@uky.edu

Brief Summary: Use this form to request new computer user accounts, password reset and account deletions.

Bake Sale Approval Form            

Department: Student Center

Last Updated: 09/23/2015

Contact: Hannah Centers/Ashley Casteel, 859-257-5781

Brief Summary: Bake sale requests on campus require the approval of the Executive Director of the Student Center (delegated by Dean of Students) and LFUCG Health Department (per County Board of Health Regulation #19). The Bake Sale Approval form should be submitted along with the Sell/Solicit Form to the Event Management Office for all bake sales on UK's campus. Clients can submit the form electronically by taking a photo with a smart phone or tablet and e-mailing to UK's Event Management Office. Paper copies can be delivered to Blazer Hall 325.

Sell/Solicit Request Form            

Department: Student Center

Last Updated: 09/23/2015

Contact: Hannah Centers/Ashely Casteel Contact phone #: 859-257-5781

Brief Summary: The Executive Director of the Student Center has been delegated by the Dean of Students to review and approve or decline requests to sell/solicit on University property (GR:1). • For student organizations, funds generated must be given to a charity or credited to the organization’s treasury. • Students who participate in the activity may not be personally compensated for their work. • Approval for the specific location of the activity must be requested by the sponsoring organization/department with the appropriate facility coordinator for the desired location. • For departments, approval from the department head/Dean of college should be attached to form per HR Policy #63.

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