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Form Name
Accident Report - Non-Medical Related            

Department: Not Available

Last Updated: 04/29/2004

Contact: Occupational Health lpoor2@email.uky.edu

Brief Summary: Not Available

Account Authorization for Computing Services            

Department: Information Technology

Last Updated: 08/29/2017

Contact: 218-4357 218help@uky.edu

Brief Summary: Use this form to request new computer user accounts, password reset and account deletions.

ACH Transmittal Form (IRIS)            

Department: Office of the Treasurer

Last Updated: 09/22/2005

Contact: Treasury Services Department

Brief Summary: Use this form to designate the correct G/L account when expecting a payment in the form of an ACH or EFT. The completed form is sent to Treasury Services and matched to the credit posted at the bank.

ADA Reasonable Accommodation Form            

Department: Office of Equal Opportunity

Last Updated: 09/27/2018

Contact: Heather Roop 257-8927 heather.roop@uky.edu Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity

Brief Summary: Employee reasonable accommodation form

Agency Cost Center Information Sheet/Authorization Form            

Department: Office of the Treasurer

Last Updated: 07/05/2017

Contact: Accounting and Financial Reporting Services Amy Quire 257-2949 amquir2@uky.edu

Brief Summary: Use this form to request the creation of a new student or professional agency cost center.

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