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Form Name
Legacy Tuition Program Application            

Department: Registrar's Office & Undergraduate Office

Last Updated: 04/29/2004

Contact: Registrar's Office & Undergraduate Office

Brief Summary: This form is used by undergraduate students to apply to the Legacy Tuition Program. The Legacy Tuition Program offers in-state tuition to non-resident undergraduate children of University of Kentucky graduates.

Local/City Tax - (IRIS)            

Department: Office of the Treasurer

Last Updated: 09/29/2006

Contact: Payroll Department

Brief Summary: Used to define the current local tax amounts to be withheld or to exempt the employees from tax withholding.

Lost Equipment Report            

Department: Office of the Treasurer

Last Updated: 01/11/2017

Contact: General Accounting

Brief Summary: Use this form to report lost capital equipment. The form must be signed by the appropriate provost/vice president.

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