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Managing IP assets to drive commercialization and create spinoff companies

John Gurley with Therix Medical

You have done the research—now let the Office for Commercialization & Economic Development partner with you to protect the intellectual property, explore the commercial potential of the technology or clinician idea, and help you become an entrepreneur and launch your own startup company.

Collaborating outside of UK

We will protect your research when you are collaborating with anyone outside the university with a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) and/or a material transfer agreement (MTA). In addition, we review MTAs for incoming materials.

IP disclosure and patent protection

We manage the online disclosure process and schedule your presentation to the UK Intellectual Property Committee. If the committee decides to pursue patent protection, we engage outside patent counsel to work with us on the process.

UK professor Bruce Webb started his own company Paratechs, which graduated from ASTeCC in 2010 with the help of UK CED.

Assessing commercialization potential

Once you disclose your technology, we will meet with you to begin a commercial assessment which includes a patentability search. Our report goes to the Intellectual Property Committee before a determination is made on whether or not to pursue a patent.

Commercializing clinician innovations

We have created a commercialization process for clinicians with an idea for a device or diagnostic that is not part of a funded research project. Once the idea is disclosed, Therix Medical, founded by UK’s for-profit corporation Kentucky Technology Inc., is available to work with you on product development and licensing.

Licensing and royalty sharing

Whether we are licensing the technology to business & industry or to your own startup company, you as the inventor will receive royalties. After patent costs are recovered, UK returns royalties to the inventor, the department and the college.

Creating a startup company

When you work with us on the technology commercial assessment, you may decide to become an entrepreneur and do product development in your own startup company. We will help you get started, put together a business plan, and find funding, service providers and potential investors. And we will be there after your successful business launch to provide ongoing support and services as your company grow.

Incubating your startup

UK has one campus incubator ‒ the Advanced Science & Technology Commercialization Center, better known as ASTeCC. We manage and lease space in ASTeCC. ASTeCC is also the location for most of our UKCED offices.

Connecting business and research at Coldstream Research Campus

We manage the university’s Coldstream Research Campus, just minutes from campus off Newtown Pike at the I-64/75 interchange.  Many campus incubator companies “graduate” to Coldstream.

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