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ALT BioScience
Founded in 1997, ALT BioScience is a privately held, specialty bioscience company that develops diagnostic and biomedical technologies focused on oral-systemic health and neurodegenerative diseases. ALT uses nucleotide photo affinity labeling, a process for photo modification of antibodies for basic protein research.

Biological Prospects
Biological Propsects was founded in January 2007 by Patrick Lawless. Biological Prospects is a manufacturer of plant-based nutraceuticals for the livestock, poultry and pet healthcare industries.Nutraceuticals are formulated from traditional medicinal herbs, as well as previously unused or underutilized plant species. The initial product line includes antimicrobials, immune system enhancers, anti-inflammatories, insecticides, and vermicides.

CarboLex enhances a high-yield process for production of nanotubes, and develops post-synthesis treatments to alter chemical and physical properties and remove impurities. Works with industry to develop applications including lightweight, structural composites. Based on the research of Peter Eklund, formerly in physics and astronomy.

CoPlex Therapeutics
R&D to provide neuroprotection from dementia caused by a unique protein complex that accumulates in the central nervous system and begins the cascade effect that leads to dementia including Alzheimer's. Protein complex discovered at UK. Company founded in 2008. Based on research by Mark Lovell and Bert Lynn, chemistry.
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i-Glyco is developing glucose monitoring technology. Located in California, i-Glyco is based on research by Sylvia Daunert, chemistry.

Merloc is developing multidentate sulfur-containing ligands for binding heavy materials for waste management or environmental cleanup applications. Based on the research of David Atwood, chemistry.

OuiBox is a Web portal that combines everything users do online all in one place. Users can link social networking sites, photo and video sharing sites, e-mail accounts and much more. OuiBox is founded by Peyton Fouts, a 2006 UK graduate who has a degree in English and a major in Communications.

Outrider Technologies
Outrider Technologies was co-founded by John Anthony, chemistry, and John Beran, now CEO, in 2005 and specializes in soluble organic acene-based semiconductors. These organic electronic materials have proven useful in low-end high-volume switching applications, as well as photovoltaic applications, and offer large economic advantages associated with manufacturing, while also combating long-term device stability issues.

Scout Diagnostics
Scout Diagnostics was founded in 2006 to develop and market a new early diagnostic test for Alzheimer's disease. The testing kit will identify certain protein complexes in cerebral spinal fluid which serve as biomarkers to detect Alzheimer's prior to clinical diagnosis. Based on research by co-founders Mark Lovell and Bert Lynn, chemistry, and the UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging. Lovell has a joint appointment in the UK College of Medicine. Lynn serves as director of the UK Mass Spectrometry Center.



Take it Artside!
Christine Huskisson |
The Central Kentucky Museum Without Walls project rolled out Take it Artside!, an art smart phone application for Central Kentucky art enthusiasts in 2010. The application was developed by Christine Huskisson, art faculty; Lisa Broome-Price, Gaines Center for the Humanities; and Allison Hosale, M.A. art graduate. The app for iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android provides images of local public art, a brief description of each piece, artist information, GPS location, games and lesson plans for middle and high school teachers.

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