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APAX Software Development
APAX is a professional software development company founded in 2007 specializing in web-development interfacing with database solutions. Our team of engineers, computer programmers, and business consultants put customers first and consider value-add as their number one priority. Sample projects: University Book Exchange, Tommys List/Univ So Ca, handheld data collection/UK. Founders: Brian Raney, Justin Raney, Matt Smith, Ryan Hunter.

Awesome Inc.
Brian Raney | 859.421.1690 |
Awesome Inc. exists to establish, grow, and connect the hi-tech, creative, and entrepreneurial communities in Lexington, KY. They are a high-tech lab, a creative studio space for entrepreneurs, and a venue to host meetings and events for these three communities.
BookExchange was founded in 2004 and offers local students a user-friendly, online environment to connect with each other and exchange textbooks at reasonable prices. is currently open to University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Northern Kentucky University, Eastern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University, Murray State University, Bellarmine University, University of Cincinnati, Georgetown College, University of South Carolina and Texas Tech University. Founders: Brian Raney, Justin Raney, Matt Smith, Nathan Fort, Luke Murray

3rd Dimension Design
Nicholas Solon | 859.280.2907
3rd Dimension Design was founded by three University of Kentucky graduates and has grown to become one of Central Kentucky's leading Web development and programming firms with clients around the country. 3DD specializes in programming, Web applications, databases and graphic design. Additionally, the company has helped to launch numerous internet ventures, including VisionResume; DrinkPrices and

Conrad R. Carney II | 859.264.7568 |
CMSText is the leader in Mobile Marketing. Their innovative solutions allow businesses to create and implement marketing and promotional campaigns in minutes as opposed to weeks and months. CMSText provides the ability to send appointment reminders and capture prospects. Simply said, they put the user's message in the palm of customers' hands.

Done In Sixty Seconds
Kyle M. Lake | 800.400.0136 |
Done in Sixty Seconds (DISS) is the first and only internet video production service that allows the user to completely design, order and distribute a custom video for any business or organization around the world. They make affordable web video for anyone. Their patent-pending AAPPOL technology allows the user to order a customized video in 20 minutes for under $500.

Dose Control
Linton Wells | 859.749.2058 |
Dose Control LLC was founded to research, develop, manufacture, and market innovative dispenser solutions to deter prescription drug abuse and increase medication adherence. Their patented device is a programmable, tamper-resistant, portable, refillable dispenser, designed to dispense pills to the patient no faster than the prescribed and programmed rate.

Secure Analytics
Krish Muralidhar | 859.257.9149
Using a patented data masking procedure, Secure Analytics specializes in data security software and consulting services that together enable organizations to protect their sensitive data while obtaining business value from it. This technology offers great service to industries including healthcare, finance, insurance, government and marketing. Based on research by Krish Muralidhar, College of Business & Economics, and Rathindra Sarathy at Oklahoma State University. The company is currently located in Stillwater, Okla.

Whiteboard Enterprises
John D. Williams | 502.619.5145 |
Whiteboard Enterprises Inc. is a holding company that provides Web development consulting and project management. Additional branches of the company include foreclosure real estate investment and real estate directory Web site,

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