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Adaptive Intelligent Systems
Adaptive Intelligent Systems was established in Sept. 2005 to develop and commercialize cutting edge welding technology. Its unique technologies include a modified GMAW process which reduces heat input and improves throughput, and a state of the art pipe welding system which allows welders with minimum skills to produce quality welds.

Advanced Dynamics
Patrick Hu | 859.699.0441 |
Advanced Dynamics is dedicated to the development of 4M Analysis and Optimization (4MAO) software tools for complex mechanical systems, particularly for aerospace vehicles, marine ships and automotives.

Advanced Semiconductor Processing Technology
Zhi David Chen
Begun as a home business in 2008, Advanced Semiconductor Processing Technology registered with the state in February 2011 and moved into ASTeCC. The company's current product is dew point sensors, which is based upon research on semiconductor processing technology and its applications on electronic devices including sensors and transistors. Advanced Semiconductor Processing Technology has also developed a new type of moisture sensor called alpha-Al2O3 based dew point. Based upon the research of Zhi David Chen, Center for Nanoscale Science & Engineering.

Amchael Graphics
Fuhua "Frank" Cheng, Computer Science
Amchael Graphics is developing a square tube, mirror-based imaging system. Based on research by Fuhua "Frank" Cheng, computer science. Located in Lexington, Ky.
Tony Schmidt | 859.559.2103 |
APOonline provides organizations the tools to bring together groups in an online setting through event calendars, blogs, membership rosters, dues management, meeting minutes, and many more features specifically designed to help administer an organization.

Daniel Tao | 859.257.2953 | Mining Engineering

AwesomeTouch spun out of senior design projects in electrical engineering and computer science in January 2010 and formed the company in July 2010. The company develops software applications for large-format (40+ inch) touch screens. AwesomeTouch had their first touch screen installed in the Lexington Visitors Bureau during the World Equestrian Games in October 2010. In addition to the mapping application for hospitality and tourism, they are also developing a collaborative learning product for the education market, and providing custom software development services for ad agencies and their clients.

Bluegrass Beat Professional DJ Service
Evan Morris | 888.721.2328 |
Bluegrass Beat is Central Kentucky's premium DJ service and is the only mobile DJ company in Kentucky that has DJs who actually mix, scratch and remix live. Each of Bluegrass Beat Professional's DJs have been trained by Evan Morris. Services include lighting and sound equipment for large events and have music that spans all genres and decades.

Blue Voxel
Larry Hassebrook
Blue Voxel develops application specific 3D scanning and measurement tools that are low cost and designed for widespread distribution. Because the company's devices are optimized to perform a single function, they can generally outperform generic 3D scanners costing many times as much. Blue Voxel was formed in July 2009 to pursue commercialization opportunities for 3D scanning technology developed at the University of Kentucky Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments.

Coldstream Digital 
Coldstream Digital is a technology firm specializing in intelligent transportation systems, hazmat supply chain security, and electronic manifest and shipment tracking systems. They create cross-cutting solutions to national transportation, homeland security, and transportation problems. Coldstream Digital is partnered with the Kentucky Transportation Center at the University of Kentucky in the North American Transportation Security Center initiative.

customKYnetics is an early-stage research and development company that focuses on development of rehabilitation engineering products. The primary focus is to design and develop systems that use electrical stimulation in modalities that have the potential to build muscle mass, strength, and endurance or to promote motor retraining. Adaptive control systems technology is used to enhance the functionality and usability of the electrical stimulation systems. Eric Hartman co-founded customKYnetics as a University of Kentucky graduate student in 2000 with Jimmy Abbas, then an associate professor in the Center for Biomedical Engineering.

Direct i2i
Direct i2i focuses on high definition video and audio collaboration solutions. Ruigang Yang's patent pending hardware and software creates digitally synthesized images that allow eye contact in video teleconferences.

DSP Techniques
Commercializes digital signal processing (DSP) technologies, including re-configurable DSP architectures and nonlinear signal modeling and fingerprinting. Based upon the research of Bruce Walcott and Ernest Seagraves / engineering.

Escent Technologies
Weston Johnson
Based on the research of Rob Lodder, pharmacy
Escent was co-founded in 2009 by a team of UK students and a business partner. Electrical Engineering Ph.D. candidate Weston Johnson and Thaddeaus Hannel, a 2009 UK Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry are leading the R&D. The technology in development will commercialize near-infrared spectroscopy research from pharmacy.

Hensley, Elam & Associates
Russ Hensley | 859.389.8182 |
Hensley, Elam & Associates is a full-service IT company with software engineers, web design, and infrastructure IT services delivery engineers on staff. Located in the heart of downtown Lexington for 12 years, they are servicing some of the state's most influential and emerging companies.

Hummingbird Nano Inc.
L. Scott Stephens
| 859.225.4521 |
Hummingbird Nano is a company established to produce the world’s finest tooling for the micromanufacturing field. With expertise in a broad range of micro fabrication techniques, their engineers can guarantee the selection of the correct processes and parameters. Hummingbird Nano will help your company transition micromanufacturing from prototype to production with enabling technologies for precision fabrication and assembly. At the Coldstream Research Campus facility, the company utilizes custom ultraprecision machines and a Class 1000 Cleanroom to achieve unique products for the biomedical, defense, and energy sectors.

Develops software to enable agile computing in a wireless environment. Based on work by Brent Seales, Jim Griffioen and Ken Calvert in UK computer science.

Mersive Technologies
Mersive Technologies is redefining the ease with which high-resolution, multi-projector displays can be designed, configured and maintained. Founded in 2004, Mersive's software-based technology provides a true auto-calibration solution capable of merging any number of projectors, at any resolution, into a seamless, beautiful display. Customers with applications ranging from simulation and training to museum displays and digital signage can now cost effectively build and maintain displays once considered impractical or even impossible. Using the Mersive SolTM Server customers can create unprecedented displays in non-traditional configurations and resolutions. Screen surfaces can be flat, cylindrical or spherical and front or rear projected. Mersive's Continuous Quality ™ technology maintains the highest quality seamless image available while eliminating the need for skilled technicians to manually maintain the display.

Metal Separation Technologies
Eric Grulke | 859.257.6097
Metal Separations is working on technology to separate radioactive isotopes from high-value nickel. The nickel can then be recycled for use by the nuclear industry.

Michael Troy
Larry Hassebrook | 859.257.1257 | Center For Visualization & Virtual Environments

Mimetic Solutions
Mimetic Solutions is pioneering new frontiers in drug and bioactive agent delivery, developing true smart release systems that sense the surrounding environment and deliver the right chemical or drug, at the right time and at the right dose. Using their proprietary Affinimer ™ chemistry, they create biomimetic polymer networks that are engineered to release a payload chemical, bioactive agent or drug under pre-defined conditions, such as upon binding of a specific biomarker or analyte. Founded by Nicholas Peppas, University of Texas, Austin, and Zach Hilt, UK Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering.

NanoTech Solutions
Suresh Rajaputra | 859.979.1735
NanoTech Solutions (NTS) is a limited liability company based in Lexington, Ky. The company current specializes in the production of high quality nanoporous metal oxide templates and has other specific nanotechnology devices in various stages of development. NTS is the recipient of a seed grant from Kentucky to commercialize the nanoporous alumina template technology.

Daniel Lau | 859.257.2300
Seikowave is developing 3D imaging technologies targeted at medical, security and industrial imaging applications. Seikowave's patent-pending optical architectures combined with Daniel Lau's (UK Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments) patent-pending machine vision algorithms enable high performance, low cost 3D imaging solutions capable of capturing human motion in real time. Seikowave, with offices in the U.S. and Japan, is working with global healthcare, security and semiconductor companies to bring these imaging solutions to market.

SenTech Corporation
430 Bailey Lane, Boalsburg, PA 16827-1315 / 814.466.8751
Develops miniature sensors to measure temperature, pressure, viscosity, surface tension, humidity and glucose concentrations. Based on the research of Craig Grimes / formerly electrical engineering.

Signal Solutions
Bruce O'Hara | 859.257.2805
Signal Solutions provides consulting, custom software and supporting products or automation and smart systems primarily for applications in biomedical signal analysis and nondestructive evaluation. Among other products, Signal Solutions has developed a novel piezoelectric mouse cage for automated, non-invasive recording of sleep, wake and other behaviors that has been used for drug screening and large scale genetic studies in mouse reference populations.

Synergetic Technologies
M. Pinar Menguc | 859.257.6336 x80658
Develops scientific instrumentation and software for the accurate characterization (particle shape or agglomerate structure) of nano or sub-micron sized particles. Licensed its particle characterization technology to Horiba Inc., Japan, a major manufacturer of analytical instruments in 2007.

Synova R&D
Synova R&D is a local business dedicated to bringing great new ideas to market. They have partnered with the Institute of Research for Technology Development (IR4TD) in the College of Engineering at the University of Kentucky to help the department move into the commercialization phase of their researc and are also constantly looking for other avenues of collaboration. They seek to combine a strong business and marketing team with an equally strong group of researchers looking to see their ideas through to production.

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