Clinician Innovation & Commercialization

The Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship and Therix Medical will work to develop and commercialize clinician innovations for medical devices and diagnostics using a customized process.

Clinicians with an idea from clinical practice for a device or diagnostic that is not part of a funded research project should submit the online disclosure form at The Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship will conduct a commercial assessment of the disclosure, the first step toward the possible development of a new medical device or diagnostic.

Once the idea is disclosed to the university, the clinician can work with a partner of their own choosing, or work with Therix Medical, founded by Kentucky Technology Inc., UK's for-profit corporation.Therix will work with the clinician to develop the concept, including prototype development, regulatory assessment, financial modeling, and intellectual property protection. Therix will launch the resulting product in the marketplace either through licensing to industry or creating a startup company.

Click on the clinician commercialization FAQ and process chart pdf for more information.

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