2010 Spring B2B

Innovative faculty at the University of Kentucky demonstrated promising technologies at ukTech10, part of the Lexington Creative Cities Summit and IN2LEX APRIL IS on April 8, 2010, at the Penguin. Faculty from agriculture, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, the Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments and the Center for Applied Energy Research were on hand to show their research and talk about the potential commercial uses and healthcare benefits.

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ukTech10 innovators:

UK Tech 10Growing algae for use in biofuels and bioproducts by using CO2 and heat from coal-fired power plants
Mark Crocker, Ph.D., Biofuels Rsearch Group
Center for Applied Energy Research

Students use the fire-whirl experiment for real-world experience in enhanced combustion rates
Kozo Saito, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Research for Technology Development

Wireless milk transportation system provides 24-7 tracking as milk moves from farm to table, ensuring safety and security
Fred Payne, Ph.D., Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Chris Thompson, College of Agriculture Regulatory Specialist

A scalable image search engine quickly identifies 2-D images using a conventional camera and PC
Bill Gregory, Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments

Removing aluminum contaminents from intravenous parenteral feeding solutions using an in-line filter and chelator
Bob Yokel, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences

Making 3-D models with a structured light scanner that is fast, highly configurable and less expensive than current methods
Laurence Hassebrooke, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering
Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments

ukTech10 was produced by the UK Office for Commercialization & Economic Development's Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship. The University of Kentucky and Coldstream Research Campus are sponsors of the Lexington Creative Cities Summit.

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