Center for Applied Energy Research

The Lexington Carbon Company
11302 Strang Line Rd., Lenexa, KS, 66215-4041 | 913.317.4100
Develops specialty carbon materials for gas and liquid separation, energy conversion systems, environmental processing of gas and liquid streams, military and industrial protective filters, and medicine, food and beverage processing. The predecessor-in-interest company was founded in 1994 by the late Frank Derbyshire and Don Challman. Based on the research of Frank Derbyshire, Marit Jagtoyen and Geoff Kimber.

MCC Technologies
Tom Robl | Jack Groppo

Neathery Technologies
Neathery Technologies (NTI) develops innovative applications for the energy/power, agricultural and environmental industries. NTI's specialty is research and development in biomass energy conversion, power plant energy efficiency improvement, and advanced separation systems. NTI is developing a small-scale gasification technology to convert poultry litter biomass into a clean gaseous fuel that can be used onsite for farm energy needs.

NuForm Materials
NuForm Materials is developing methods for the processing of coal combustion ash and isolation of specific fractions useful as polymer fillers, metal matrix and high performance pozzolans. Based on research by Tom Robl. Located in Sadieville, Ky.

Topasol is a nanotechnology-based company that focuses on multifunctional coatings for aerospace and solar industries. Smart coating systems are designed with additional properties such as anticorrosion, antibacterial/antiviral and sensor capabilities, including prognostics for aerospace systems. One nanocoating provides a special mechanism that recognizes external force and allows the detection of impact and/or thermal damage on aircraft structural composite components. Based on research by Uschi Graham.

Brock Marrs
XtremeCarbons was founded in 2007 to develop and manufacture aligned carbon nanotube materials for thermal, electrical and mechanical applications. The company is using these carbon materials to improve the efficiency of alternative energy production and management.


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